I'm Tucker Blue, and I run this operation! I started coding when I was ten, began working for SAIC when I was eighteen, and joined the federal sector in 2017. Since then, I've gained both Q (DoE) and TS SCI (DoD) clearances, pushed code to Air Force 1, helped federate US HPC resources while at Gitlab, scale highly available, distributed systems via k8s at Rancher, led federal blockchain opportunities to the finish line with SimbaChain, and consulted to startups, enterprises, and universities such as Notre Dame and Central New Mexico on blockchain architecture and integration.

Gitlab, Splunk, Rancher and SimbaChain duties direclty impacted programs within the DoD, VA, DoE, NASA, DoJ and more.

Adisory Boards & Consultations

  • Blockchain Advisor @Notre Dame
  • Blockchain Advisor @Deep Dive Coding
  • Blockchain Advisor @Central New Mexico
  • Blockchain Advisor @Blockchain Chamber of Commerce
  • Blockchain Advisor @SunKSuru
  • Blockchain Consultant @Guidepoint
  • Blockchain Consultant @Various VC's


  • Principal Investigator & Blockchain Architect @SimbaChain
  • Blockchain Program Management @SimbaChain
  • Kubernetes & Cloud Solutions @Rancher
  • Blockchain Solutions Architect @Splunk
  • Dev(Sec)Ops Solutions Architect @Gitlab
  • Senior SW Engineer @StratCom
  • Blockchain & SW Engineer @Sandia


Who I work with:

  • VC's mitigating risk with their blockchain opportunities
  • Enterprises requiring accelerated blockchain transformation
  • Startups seeking operational excellence for DevOps GTM

What I do for them: